Water Free Hot Forging Lubricant "FTS series"

FTS series exert the excellent lubricity under high mold temperature

By applying the cultivated "high adhesion" in the WFR series, FTS series correspond to a mold temperature of 200 °C (392°F) or more, and can compress without lowering the die temperature, material temperature, working at low pressure, then low press load is possible.

Die temperature VS Compressive load

Excellent film followability under high temperature

FTS series exert film followability under 200°C (392°F) to 350°C (662°F) in a wide range of die temperature range with the formulations having excellent shear coefficient of friction and corresponds to the processing of the product in a complex shapes.

Die temperature VS Shear friction factor

Product line-up for FTS series

Model Applicable die temperature Features
FTS series 200°C- (392°F-) New Water Free die lubricant for forging process which is strong under the high load with superior lubricity, heat retention based on the high adhesion that cultivated in the WFR / WFR-EC series.
* FTS series can coordinate combination depending on material and a product shape and process requirements.

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