WFR for Electrostatic Spray Application "WFR-EC series"

We succeeded in adding a special electrostatic auxiliaries to original WFR series, to impart conductivity, and allowed the first electrostatic spraying application in die casting. It is now possible to adhere the die lubricant to the point where it was hardly adhere.

Excellent Adhesion performance

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Product line-up for WFR-EC series

Model No. Applicable die temperature Features
WFR-7RN 150-430°C (302-806°F) Wide temperature type from 150°C(302°F) to over 400°C (752°F), suitable for the contradicting condition to prevent soldering and galling.
WFR-7R 200-430°C (392-806°F) Specially designed for high die temperature to eliminate soldering with thick and strong file, and good for engine blocks and transmission parts.
WFR-73RN 130-410°C (266-770°F) Low concentration type of WFR-3EC to exclude the adverse effects due to excessive adhesion for easy handling.
WFR-5EC 200-400°C (392-752°F) High die temperature type (over 380°C(716°F)range), excellent high temperature adhesion and lubricity performance and suitable for thick wall and pressure proof castings.
WFR-53EC 180-380°C (356-716°F) Low concentration type of WFR-5EC, to reduce the adhesion overage for controlling oil marks and flow lines.
WFR-3EC 150-350°C (302-662°F) Standard type of WFR series, well balanced formulation to cover from low temperature to high temperature, and good for thin to complex casting parts.
WFR-33WE 130-330°C (266-626°F) Improved adhesion efficiency of WFR-33EC, suitable for small, precision part and casings etc.
WFR-33EC 130-330°C (266-626°F) Low concentration type of WFR-3EC, well balanced formulation to cover from low temperature to high temperature, and suitable for small and precision parts and casings etc.
WFR-0EC 130-320°C (266-608°F) Non-Silicon type of WFR-3EC, high lubricity and good for big and thick wall castings which require excellent paintability and concern the electromagnetic shield.
WFR-03EC 110-250°C (230-482°F) Low concentration type of WFR-0EC, suitable for low die temperature and good for small precision Zinc or Magnesium parts as computer parts or electrical components etc.
WFR-M5EC 140-350°C (284-662°F) High performance WFR-EC for Magnesium casting, better metal flow and high releasing performance for big Magnesium parts.
WFR-M3EC 130-280°C (266-536°F) Low concentration type, developed and designed for small and thin Magnesium parts with excellent surface finish.

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