Water Free Releasing Agent for High Pressure Die Casting - The industry's first collaborating with electrostatic application. Small Spray Amount, Very high adhesion efficiency.

Lubrolene for Industrial lubricants

It is difficult for general water based die lubricants to adhere under high die temperature. Therefore it is necessary to spray a large amount of water based die lubricant to lower die temperature.

However, WFR / WFR-EC series can effectively form a thick film by suppressing the influence of Leidenfrost phenomenon compared with water based lubricant even over 300°C (572°F) die temperature.

WFR / WFR-EC series can form thick and uniform lubrication film. Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

WFR has excellent releasing performance with a small spray amount comparing with water based die lubricants.

WFR can reduce rejects caused by water remaining, no waste water disposal, extension of die life, etc., you can improve the quality and reduce costs.

WFR series (movies)

Six Features of Lubrolene for Industrial lubricants

We introduce the main features of Water Free Releasing Agent for die casting.

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Line up of Lubrolene for Industrial lubricants

We meet with our line up for a various materials and casting conditions, method and use die-casting machine.

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