Water Free Releasing Agent for High Pressure Die Casting

WFR Has been developed for the die casting process, allows for a very small amount spray, reduction of water remaining rejects, No waste water disposal and the extension of die life etc., to achieve quality improvement and cost reduction, it is a revolutionary new oil based die lubricant.

Adhesion situation and Film thickness  Spray Method / TP(Test Plate) temperature and Adhesion comparison

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Product line-up for WFR series

Model No. Applicable die temperature Features
WFR-7RN 150-430°C (302-806°F) Wide temperature type from 150°C(302°F) to over 400°C (752°F), suitable for the contradicting condition to prevent soldering and galling.
WFR-7R 200-430°C (392-806°F) Specially designed for high die temperature to eliminate soldering with thick and strong file, and good for engine blocks and transmission parts.
WFR-73RN 130-410°C (266-770°F) WFR-Low concentration type of WFR-7RN, to exclude the adverse effects due to excessive adhesion for easy handling.
WFR-5AP 200-400°C (392-752°F) High die temperature type (over 380°C(716°F)range), excellent high temperature adhesion and lubricity performance and suitable for thick wall and pressure proof castings.
WFR-53S 180-380°C (356-716°F) Low concentration type of WFR-5AP, to reduce the adhesion overage for controlling oil marks and flow lines.
WFR-3R 150-350°C (302-662°F) Standard type of WFR series, well balanced formulation to cover from low temperature to high temperature, and good for thin to complex casting parts.
WFR-33W 130-330°C (266-626°F) Improved adhesion efficiency of WFR-33, suitable for small, precision part and casings etc.
WFR-33 130-330°C (266-626°F) Low concentration type of WFR-3R, well balanced formulation to cover from low temperature to high temperature, and suitable for small and precision parts and casings etc.
WFR-0 130-320°C (266-608°F) Non-Silicon type of WFR-3R, high lubricity and good for big and thick wall castings which require excellent paintability and concern the electromagnetic shield.
WFR-03 110-250°C (230-482°F) Low concentration type of WFR-0, suitable for low die temperature and good for small precision Zinc or Magnesium parts as computer parts or electrical components etc.
WFR-M5 140-350°C (284-662°F) High performance WFR for Magnesium casting, better metal flow and high releasing performance for big Magnesium parts.
WFR-M3 130-280°C (266-536°F) Low concentration type, developed and designed for small and thin Magnesium parts with excellent surface finish.

Start-up liquids series

Model No. Applicable die temperature Features
WFR-LR Room temperature- Special start-up liquid for WFR series. Excellent adhesion and form a strong film under low temperature and reducing number of warm-up shots.

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