Wide Temperature Correspondence Model "WFR-N series"

WFR does not have any cooling capability which comes to have a big element depending on a die temperature. Therefore, might have to rely on the die cooling to make equal balance of die temperature.

New development, WFR-N series is especially designed for wide temperature range while corresponding high die temperature as before and also improving the rapid evaporation under low die temperature area.

Adhesion status under 150°C (320°F)

Friction resistance comparison under 150 & 350°C

Product line-up for WFR-N series

Model No. Applicable die temperature Features
WFR-7RN 150-430°C (302-806°F) Wide temperature type from 150°C (302°F) to over 400°C (752°F), suitable for the contradicting condition to prevent soldering and galling. For electrostatic spray application.
WFR-73RN 130-410°C (266-770°F) Low concentration type of WFR-7RN, to exclude the adverse effects due to excessive adhesion for easy handling.

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