Wide Area Correspondence Model "WFR-Z series"

It may be difficult to juggle lubricant extensibility and releasing property when there is both extremely high and low temperature mixed area in the die with small amount spray, because WFR have no cooling capability.

New WFR-Z series was developed, without compromising high adhesion efficiency and high excellent releasing performances which are the basic performance of WFR series under high die temperature, and additionally improve lubricant film uniformity and extensibility compare with conventional WFR series.

* This product is a concept products currently in development.

Adhesion area under 350°C (662°F)

Product line-up for WFR-Z series

Model Applicable die temperature Features
WFR-Z series 110-380°C (230-716°F) Unlike other WFR series, Z series has a high extensibility and especially for emphasize high wettability. Z series form a homogeneous film and wide spray coverage. Applicable for Electrostatic spray application.

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