Inorganic Powdered Die Lubricant for Squeeze, Semi-Solid, Low and Gravity casting "NPL series"

Thermal insulation property by applying Pre-coating technology

The inorganic powdered conventional water based die lubricant is required a large amount of spray due to the influence of Leidenfrost phenomenon, and deteriorates work environment by the scattering of lubricants and the sedimentation of powders.

NPL series succeeds to perform high adhesion efficiency under high die temperature which is following WFR characteristic, and create the high heat resistance powdered film on the die.

Die temperature change

High metal flowability and releasing performance

NPL series form the uniform powdered release film under various shape of dies. The powdered film improves metal fluidity and better metal flow with “Point Contact” and “High thermal insulation inorganic powdered film”.

In addition, NPL powders film which is porous, makes better outgassing and bring smooth casting surface and eliminate porosity problem.

Adhesion situation

Product line-up for NPL series

Model Applicable die temperature Features
NPL series 200°C- (392°F-) NPL series contains inorganic powder filled with excellent thermal insulation properties. It is suitable for squeeze casting and thin wall parts require better metal flow. Applicable with electrostatic spray application.
* NPL series, you can adjust the quantity and type of inorganic powder, depending on the intended use. Please contact us.

Start-up liquids series

Model Applicable die temperature Features
NPL-AERO 110°C- (230°F-) Inorganic powder contains aerosol for repairing die coating film. Anti-soldering and improve metal flow purposes for high pressure die casting.

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